" Interval is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. "
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  Mem1 - +1
Interval Recordings IL03

01 + Jan Jelinek
02 + Ido Govrin
03 + Area C
04 + RS-232
05 + Frank Bretschneider

06 + Kadet Kuhne
07 + Jen Boyd
08 + Jeremy Drake
09 + Steve Roden

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?? unlike trees or their roots, the rhizome connects any point to any other point, and its traits are not necessarily linked to traits of the same nature; it brings into play very different regimes of signs, and even non-sign states. The rhizome is reducible neither to the one not the multiple. It is not the One that becomes Two or even directly three, four, five?? [Deleuze & Guattari (1980): A Thousand Plateaus]

+1, Interval Recordings' second release by Los Angeles-based electroacoustic duo Mem1 (Mark + Laura Cetilia), introduces listeners to a series of collaborations between the duo and nine guest artists: Jan Jelinek, Ido Govrin, Area C, RS-232, Frank Bretschneider, Kadet Kuhne, Jen Boyd, Jeremy Drake, and Steve Roden. Whether the collaborations took place in an old cabin by the lake, on a hot and hazy day in a painter's studio, or floating through the infinite void of virtual space, the resulting works act as transportive vessels. Removing us from our surroundings, they deliver us to a place that cannot exist in our daily lives, a transformative space in which impossible realities collide and time ceases to exist. Comprised of lush tapestries, fuzzy dissonances, echoed rhythms and waves of electronic wash, +1 is electroacoustic chamber music for the twenty-first century.

Release Date: 19.04.2009
Single CD
Time: 56:20


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