Ido Govrin - Moraine (Interval)

'But what kind of moraine?' my inner GCSE geography student asks.

Rogen? Veiki? How can Ido Govrin be so vague? So casual? Fortunately,

matters are in hand: over six tracks, passing through 'Ground',

'Lateral', 'Medial' and 'Recessional' Govrin, co-owner of Israeli

label Interval, not only identifies the more common moraine types,

but also constructs some remarkable sonic spaces using cello, violin

and digital processes, in a similar manner to Aaron Martin &

Machinefabriek's 2007 collaboration Cello Recycling/Cello Drowning.

'Ground' is a deceptively beautiful introduction, its rich, nearly

baroque timbre and the stately introduction of its successor piece,

'Push', slowly fraying into something more fraught and unstable.

'Lateral' and 'Medial' work at a more subdued but no less unsettling

pitch, while the vivid emotional centre of the album comes to be

found lying amid the coldy shining lines of the stunning 'Terminal'.

Chris Power